Majuli gears up for Rass Mahotsav

Like bygone years, the world’s largest river island Majuli is getting ready for the upcoming Rass Mahotsav.

Instead of Durga puja, the islanders observe the Rass-leela and hold Paal Naam (prayers) from the first week of November for over 20 days.

According to mythology, Sri Dakhinpat Satra of Majuli is the birth place of Assam’s Rass festival.

In the 65 existing Sattras, community halls, public places, Namghars (prayer halls) and in the schools, preparations are in full swing with sounds of khol (drum), taal (large sized cymbals), flute and conch shells which is audible from far and near.

The Rass Mahotsav in autumn is also a great time to observe the traditional chanting, dances and drama recitations held in Majuli to celebrate the birth, life and feats of Krishna.

Fifteenth century revered Assamese socio-cultural-religious reformer and Saint Srimanta Sankardeva and his disciple Madhavdeva who initiated Assamese neo-Vaishnavite culture in Assam had made Majuli their hub by constructing many Satras or monasteries representing the colourful Assamese culture, historical documents state.

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