Manipur Cabinet Urges Centre To Declare Drought-Hit

At a time when almost all the Northeastern states have witnessed heavy rainfall, the Manipur government has urged the Centre to declare the state as drought-hit.

Hundreds of paddy fields at different places have dried up due to scanty rainfalls during this monsoon season in Manipur.

Manipur received 50% less rainfall than normal in the middle month of July which has raised concerns about the upcoming Kharif crop in the state.

It has been witnessed during an inspection at Wangoo Terakhong Gram Panchayat in Kakching district of Manipur that 1400 acres of paddy fields in Wangoo village in the southern part of Manipur have been dried up due to scanty rainfall.

It has also been found that 700 acres of paddy field at Haotal, 300 acres at Nahakhong, 200 acres of Terakhong Mamang and 200 acres at Phunsang are dried up.

Concerned about the drought-like situation, spokesperson of the NDA government in Manipur TH Radheshyam after the cabinet meeting on Saturday night told the newsmen that the state government cannot declare drought at any given time and the norms require four parameters which determines a drought situation.

Radheshyam said that a state will be considered to have face drought if rainfall in June-July decreases by 50 percent, paddy crop cultivation declines by 50 percent. He said that the cabinet approved to recommend the centre to declare the state drought-affected.

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