Markaz put 9000 people in risk across India

At least 7,600 Indians and 1,300 foreigners are at the risk of contracting dangerous Coronavirus thanks to the Markaz event at Nizamuddin which could take a catastrophic shape due to the bungling both by Markaz mosque as well as authorities.

The authorities in all over India worked round the clock and identified almost all of the 9000 who have links with the Islamic missionary group that organised a religious congregation in Delhi last month and has emerged as India’s biggest hotspot in the coronavirus pandemic.

At least 400  COVID-19 + patients in India and 16 in Assam had been connected to Nizamuddin Markaz till Wednesday but inexplicably Delhi Police could not evacuate the Markaz Mosque when they know the 6000 people wre in the Mosque and both share the same boundary wall.

Meanwhile, 23 states and four union territories have worked round the clock to identify 1,306 members of the organisation from other countries since the Markaz or religious centre in Delhi’s Nizamuddin West area was identified as a hotspot by the centre.

Data collected by the Home Ministry till April 1 shows that out of them, 1,051 have been quarantined, 21 have tested positive and two have died.

Authorities said they used all resources they could to painstakingly identify 7,688 local workers of the Tablighi Jamaat and their contacts who need to be quarantined.

“The contact tracing is still going on but as on April 1, we have managed to identify most of foreign and domestic workers. But it’s a work in progress,” a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office told media.

Thousands of people from across India and some from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, had visited the headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat in a narrow winding lane in Nizamuddin last month, participating in prayer sessions and lectures over several days.

Tablighi Jamaat said that with no public transportation and all movement stopped due to a nationwide lockdown, thousands of people had been stranded inside the dormitories of the Markaz or centre after the meeting ended while others had left the city.

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