Market crowd forced Assam to withdraw exemption


Overenthusiastic zest for vegetable shopping forced Assam Government to roll back many of the exemption as thousands came out all over Assam making a mockery of the Lockdown.

This morning people of Assam were shocked to find thousands of people in numerous markets across Assam buying vegetable, fish and fruit.

The whole miscommunication  got originated from Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal’s announcement at Tezpur where he said all these shops would remain open.

“I am ashamed and hurt by the behaviour of the people. We decided to help them but they did the opposite. So we decided to close the market” said Chief Minster.

This enthused people to come out taking the entire administration off guard. Markets were up and running at Ganeshguri Nalbari, Tinsukia, Jorhat and everywhere.

An embarrassed government by afternoon had to announce that exemptions for vegetables, fruits and poultry was withdrawn and only pharmacy and grocery shops would remain open.

The State government announced that home delivery has been organized but it is unlikely to happen before Monday.

In the process, the whole attention has been diverted from fighting corona to crowd management.

This is what Assam Chief Secretary announced :

: As per the instruction of Sarbananda Sonowal, Chief Minister, Assam  Kumar Sanjay Krishna, Chief Secretary, Assam has issued the following directives:

  1. All markets will remain closed until further order except grocery and pharmacy.
  • Grocery shops will also provide vegetables, fruits, eggs, gingers, garlic and water etc.
  • Deputy Commissioners will organise distribution of vegetable etc. through mobile vans in all areas in alternate days.
  • All meat, fish shops will remain closed till March 31. It will be reviewed on April 1, 2020.
  • Deputy Commissioners will fix appropriate time of opening of grocery shops as per local convenience.
  • Citizens are directed to follow the advisories for social distances circulated earlier. Violation of the same will attract penal provisions under section 188 Indian Penal Code.
  • Contact numbers of State Control Room, Assam State Disaster Management Authority ( in case of any kind of emergency) : 1070, 1079, 94010-44617 and 0361-2237219
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