Martyr’s family excludes from NRC


A family of Chaigaon, whose patriarch had died in Assam’s clashes of 1983 that sought to drive out illegal immigrants from the state, found their citizenship in a tenable state.

According to an report, Mrinal Bhaumik, who had lost his life during the Assam Andolan, that his family members now have the mementos and documents that recognize Bhaumik’s contribution towards fighting off illegal immigrants in the state.

The report noted that Bhaumik was one of the 855 persons who were martyred in the clashes that led to the Assam Accord. The report noted that this part of Assam’s history laid the groundwork for the NRC as we see it today.

It may be stated that, an Indian Air Force official’s name also missed out from the NRC final list along with lots of other natives of the State.

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