Meghalaya Police Apprehends 12 Nigerians

12 Nigerian citizens have been apprehended in Meghalaya for allegedly entering India. The Nigerians have been detained from a bus while they were travelling from Silchar to Guwahati on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Meghalaya Police on Thursday detained six Nigerian citizens at first from Ratasera in the border of Cachar during a regular search operation. After the police have verified the documents of the six people, it was found that they don’t have valid visas.

Police later found that although they have valid documents to travel to Bangladesh but they don’t have valid documents to travel to India for which the Meghalaya police have detained all the six citizens of Nigeria.

The Nigerians have been identified as Thomson Chizoram Nwafama, Chijioke Agustus Obiocha, Desmond Chiemela Uzochkwu, Okoliegbe Henry Onyedika, Okeke Ugochukwu Justin and Chukwunyere Chinaza Christian. The other six have been detained on Saturday and Sunday.

During the interrogation by police, the Nigerians said that they went to Bangladesh and entered India through the Tripura-Agartala border. From Tripura, they went to Silchar, and from Silchar, they were travelling on a bus to Guwahati. The Meghalaya police have not yet received any information as to where they were about to go from Guwahati.

The Nigerians are now under the custody of Meghalaya police for further interrogation and have been taken to Shillong to reveal more information from them.

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