Mexico Deports Over 300 Indians To Delhi


The atmosphere at Delhi airport was filled with anger and frustration after a specially arranged non-scheduled flight carrying more than 325 deported Indians from Mexico reached the Indira Gandhi International Airport on Friday morning.

On reaching Delhi, the repatriated Indians narrated how their travel agents duped of their money and how helpless they were to follow their instructions inside treacherous Mexican forests as they wanted to reach their dreamland at any cost.

Most of the repatriated Indians are Punjabi Sikhs who were either duped by their travel agents on the promise of entry into the US through illegal means or were overconfident and not aware about the Mexican law that permits foreigners to work and reside there.

With the help of international travel agents, these Indians had illegally reached Mexico to enter the USA over the last few months, reports said. Punjab has become the most attractive place for international agents as most of the Punjabi youths prefer to go to Canada or the US in search of a better life irrespective of their educational and technical qualification background.

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