Midday Meal Protest Continued in the State


The NGOs serving midday meals in the government schools are distributing inedible foods although the Education Minister repeatedly asked them not to play with the lives of the children.

The children of Ahomoni Janajati ME School at Nowboisa in Lakhimpur have thrown away the foods after they found hair and insects in the food.

On the other hand, the Soghon Khetra Bikash Samiti has stopped the distribution of food at Chirang district for which the students have to remain empty stomach on Thursday. The private organization who has received the contract of distributing midday meals at Chirang alleged that since four days they have prepared foods for the schools but due to the ongoing protests, the protestors throw away the food for which they have to undergo losses and therefore they decided not to supply foods in the schools.

As the NGO stopped supplying food from today, the students have been deprived of eating their meals.

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