Ministers’ Visit To Flood Affected Areas


The Ministers, MLAs and MPs have finally taken out time to visit the flood-affected areas in the state. The devastating flood in Assam which has taken lives of at least 17 people living 46 lakhs people affected is one of the worst floods that Assam has ever witnessed.

Although the flood victims have repeatedly said that they have not got the required relief material and that they need proper attention from the government, the ministers didn’t even get time to visit those people and it was after the rains have stopped that the ministers, MLAs and MPs have got time to visit the areas to take stock of the situation.

Former minister, Rockybul Hussain has visited the flood-affected areas in Roha and takes stock of the situation in Aamtola, Magurgaon, Komargaon by riding in a boat. Although the Congress leader has taken stock of the flooded areas, he has not visited the people living in the camps without having food even for a single time. At least 50% of the Roha constituency has submerged underwater. The communication has been interrupted and people have to rely only on the bamboo raft.

On the other hand, thousands of people are living under flood in Kalgachia. The PWD road of Kalgachia to Mainabori area is completely submerged under-water. People have made boats and bamboo rafts as their vehicles to communicate in the PWD roads.

Meanwhile, in Biswanath too, Water Resource Minister of Assam government, Keshab Mahanta has also visited the flood-affected areas. The minister seeks blessings at Gangmo Than in Behali before heading towards the flood-affected areas.

Mahanta had reached Biswanath on Wednesday night and visited Gangmo Than in the early morning on Thursday after which he visited flood-affected areas in Gangmo Than, Lalpukhuri, Dathkola camp, Koribil Bengali village, Kalyani Temple and other areas to take stock of flood and erosion.

The Minister has also visited Lakhimpur district to take stock of flood. Speaking to reporters, Mahanta said, “The embankments are very old and although we have tried to make the embankments heavy many embankments have not yet been able to make strong. Therefore, the wave of Brahmaputra has breached these embankments. We will try to make these embankments more powerful so that it would not be breached.”

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