Modi & Bear Grylls | EXCLUSIVE


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday appeared on the special episode of adventure TV show Man vs Wild. The show was hosted by British anchor Bear Grylls and broadcast by Discovery Network on more than 12 platforms around 180 countries in different languages. 

The show started with a jungle scene from the top angle and show montage, after which, the camera immediately turned to the host Bear Grylls sitting in a helicopter flying over the Himalayan mountains of Uttrakhand.

The helicopter dropped Grylls in the forests of the Jim Corbett National Park, known for its rich environment and wildlife heritage, where he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the starting of the show, PM Narendra Modi welcomed Bear Grylls to India and asked him about the plan for the day. 

Then both the adventure enthusiasts started walking in the forest fields and after walking a few meters first stopped to pick Elephant dung. Bear Grylls said it seems Asian Elephants are somewhere near. PM Modi and Grylls also made a spear with a knife and tree stem. 

Grylls said this weapon is to save him from wild and dangerous animals like tigers and it is his duty to keep India’s most important man alive. Replying to Grylls, PM Modi said, his culture hasn’t taught him to kill innocent animals.

Although they didn’t find any animal and walked safely out of the long grass, towards a river. 

Bear Grylls had already prepared a boat with the help of woods, dry grass and a plastic sheet to cross the river. PM Modi and Grylls then pushed the boat into the freezing water of the Himalayan river and rafted and crossed the river after a few minutes. 

Both the men after crossing the river and having a great adventurous time had some Tulsi water (basil) and dried themselves. PM Modi also told Grylls about benefits of the basil plant and what’s the religious significance of it. PM also narrated a small story about the marriage of Lord Krishna and Tulsi.

During the whole episode, PM Narendra Modi shared several messages to conserve wildlife and mother nature.  

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