Modi cloud theory memes flood social media

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is topping news headlines for his controversial statement on the Balakot air strike.

Opposition grabbed the opportunity quickly and raised objection over it. Even the social media users have made it a new meme material and social platform Facebook, Twitter are full of these laughable posts.

In a recent interview, Modi was seen talking about the airstrike India conducted in Pakistan back in the month of February. While commenting, he passed a statement that the weather had been bad and he felt that the clouds could help Indian jets escape radar detection. Concluding his statement, he acknowledged that he was not an expert. At last, the only question that arose was whether the operation had to be dismissed or not and he decided to continue with it.

As the video went viral, people started tweeting making fun of it and even many memes are being shared on Facebook and other social networking sites.

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