Modi used digital camera, e-mail in 1988!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is topping news headlines for his controversial statements one after another. A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “cloud cover” remark created controversy, another video clip from the same interview surfaced on social media, where the PM was seen claiming that he used digital camera and e-mail back in 1987-88.

“First time I used digital camera in 1987 or 1988. Then a handful of people had email. At one of the public meetings of Advani ji in Gujarat’s Viramgam, I had a digital camera. I took a photo of Advani Ji and transmitted it to Delhi. He was surprised and said how did my colour photo appear today,” said the Prime Minister in the interview.

Meanwhile, the social media users took jibe at the Prime Minister for his false claims. The social users also pointed out that the first digital camera was developed in 1987 and commercial emails were introduced in 1990-95 and the email facilities were not available until 1995.

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