Monsoon Session Of Parliament To Begin From Sept 14

The monsoon session of the Parliament will commence on September 14 and conclude on October 1, an ANI report stated.

Observing precautions related to COVID-19 sources have said ANI all precautionary measures will be taken and the dates of the sessions have been decided in a meeting of Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs chaired by the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

The reported added, provisions has not been kept for holidays or weekly offs during the 18-day session but a final decision on “no-leaves during the entire session” will be taken at the all-party meeting.

Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will have 18 sittings each, it said. Additionally, the report also stated, less than 30 media passes will be issued for media coverage of Lok Sabha sittings and less around 20 passes for the coverage of the Rajya Sabha.  

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