Most Illegal Drugs Come To India From Pak – Survey


A survey has found that the majority of the illegal drugs found in India come from Pakistan, ANI reported.

The survey done by IIM Rohtak Director Professor Dheeraj Sharma and published in the EU reporter also says that cross-border trade is the most common mode of infiltration of illegal drugs into India by Pakistan.

The data for the survey were collected from convicted drug peddlers across three Indian states – Gujarat, Punjab and Delhi. A total of 872 people took part in the survey.

As part of the survey, the respondents also shed light on which country they think the illegal drugs come from. While most of the respondents – more than 80% – said that Pakistan is the source, few took the name of Nepal.

Only 4.24 % of the respondents said that the drugs are infiltrated into India from Afghanistan.

The development comes at a time when there have been accusations of the Hindi Film Industry being under the grip of narcotics.   

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