“Mysterious disease” brought Hima back from Europe


The Athletic Federation of India called back Hima Das from Europe to go into the root of the “mysterious disease” she is suffering as everyone are confused about the nature of her health problem.

On Saturday evening Hima met the top bosses of the Athletic Federation of India (AFI)  at New Delhi and also met Dr Arun Mendiratta, the head of the AFI medical commission.

Hima could not make it into the Doha World Championship and the official reason from AFI was due to her back injury she could not participate.

But nobody is sure what the disease is and there is no clarity. The AFI hence called her back and decided that whatever treatment would be needed shall be prescribed in India.

In fact, there was no clarity on her back injury. From Spondylitis to Spondylosis all kind of reasons has been offered for her back problems.

What baffled all is that no one in the AFI was actually sure what the proper injury Hima was suffering was. The Assistant Coach Radhakrishnan Nair was in fact till the last minute was pressing that Hima was not injured and would participate.

Throughout the 2018-2019 sessions, Hima Das was running in subpar competition and there was nothing to write out although she collected five gold medals all in competitions which are not of higher level and mostly competed by the Indian athletes camping in Europe [e.

Hima ran 200m,300m and a few 400m and after that she stopped running. There was something mysterious about the whole issue with Hima’s injury. The AFI wanted to be sure about her injury. In fact Hima throughout the year however never ion his own told anything about her own injury.

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