Mystery Prevails Over Seizure of Supari Trucks


Sensation prevails regarding the seizure of nine supari laden trucks by Jorabat police and Basistha police. The trucks have been seized by Jorabat police on Thursday but later released the trucks.

After the Jorabat police released the trucks, the Basistha police on Friday again seized the trucks but later they also released the trucks.

The police, however, denied commenting as to why they released the trucks which have been seized two times.

The trucks bearing registration numbers RJ 14GK 4948, RJ 37GA 7819, RJ 14GK 6161, RJ 14GK 4958, RJ 14GK 8313, RJ 14GJ 3158, RJ 14GK 5222, RJ 23GB 7518, and RJ 14GJ 3260 were seized while it was on its way to Maharashtra from Mizoram via Silchar.

However, police released the trucks without any verification although it was seized for verification of valid documents.

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