New trick of robbery in Guwahati


The Guwahati police arrested one in connection with an attempted robbery incident in the city last night. However, two more robbers managed to escape from the scene.

According to reports, three robbers attempted to loot the passengers of a vehicle near Kamrup Academy in Senikuthi area by throwing chemical elements on it. Reportedly, the miscreants signaled the driver of the vehicle to stop it and informed the passengers that there was a leak in the fuel tank. Upon checking it, the passengers found nothing. But the miscreants splashed some chemical elements on the engine of the vehicle and after switching the AC of the vehicle on, the passenger felt uncomfortable. However, they immediately got down of the vehicle and nabbed one of the miscreants and recovered a bottle full of chemical fluid that was splashed on the engine of the vehicle.

Police reached the spot immediately after the incident was reported and initiated a probe. They further arrested the robber identified as Ajoy and currently interrogating him.

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