New Year: Devotees throng temples to offer prayers


People across the globe bade farewell to 2018 and welcomed the New Year 2019 with festivities. In Assam too, people were seen standing in queues in front of the temples to offer prayers. Thousands of devotees were seen standing in queues in front of various temples to offer prayers for a prosperous year in the early hours on Tuesday.

In Guwahati, devotees thronged at the Kamakhya Temple, Basistha Temple, Ganesh Mandir in Ganeshguri, Umananda Temple, Ugratara Temple, Gurudwara and other shrines in the city despite the biting cold. Doul Govinda in North Guwahati also witnessed huge number of devotees.

On the other hand, the temples were also decked up with colorful lights, flowers and special arrangements have been made keeping in mind the huge rush of devotees.

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