Nine dies of consuming sanitizer

At least nine persons died after allegedly consuming sanitizer in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh on Friday, police said to PTI.

Prakasam district Superintendent of Police Siddharth Kaushal said the people had been consuming sanitizer for the past few days, mixing it with water and soft drinks. “We are also investigating whether they laced the sanitizer with any other toxic substances,” the SP said.

“Their family members say these people have been consuming sanitizer for the past ten days. We are sending the sanitizer stocks, being sold in the area, for examination,” the SP added.

Kurichedu is currently under lockdown due to spurt in coronavirus cases and as such the liquor vends are also shut for the past few days. Habitual tipplers, however, were said to be consuming sanitizer that has alcohol content.

The police said, “Two beggars near a temple were the first to fall victim on Thursday night. While one of them was found dead at the spot, another died in the government hospital in Darsi town, police said. A third person was also taken to the Darsi hospital late on Thursday night after he fell unconscious but he was declared brought dead. Six others who fell ill after allegedly consuming sanitizer succumbed on Friday morning”.

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