NRC SOPs submitted, decision August 28


The suggestions for finalizing the standard operating procedure(SOP) have been submitted to the apex court but ironically the main driver of the NRC, the AASU, is left out in the cold as they are not petitioners and Court did ask them to do.

The Assam Public Works and Aom Sanmilito Mahasangha and AAMSU have submitted their SOPs to the court. The APW asked for third party evaluation of all the family trees in 22 districts where deduction percentage is very low. The APW also asked third party evaluations of the software used in the NRC process besides an independent one man committee to work between NRC authorities and Supreme Court . The committee shall report to the SC directly.

On the other hand Mahasangha suggested that screening should be done away with those people who have indigenous title. The AAMSu meanwhile suggested that Rs 50,000 fine should be there for those submitting false objections as they think that it will stop unnecessary harassment to genuine people.

The AASU sought a denovo process of the whole of NRC in 22 districts through the existing mechanism and sought to enter these suggestion through the submitted SOPs but it did not happen.

The court during their oral judgment asked AASU to submit their SOP but when the written orders came out the AASU name was not there leaving the organization in the lurch.

Meanwhile the Union Home Ministry and Assam Government besides have also submitted respective SOPs to the court.

The court will examine the same on August 28 and take a decision based on which the future of the NRC process would be run.

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