NRC Victims Should be Provided Grant-in aid: Khaleque


Congress MP from Barpeta Abdul Khaleque on Saturday demanded that Assam Government should provide a grant of Rs. 10 lakh to the family of the kin of the deceased who have lost their lives while going for NRC hearing.

While addressing a press conference today, Khaleque said that the NRC authorities have harassed the people in the name of re-verification. He also claims that the government has blackmailed the NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela. Khaleque further demands that the government should bear the brunt of the deceased family by providing a grant of Rs. 10lakh.

Khaleque further stated that he had raised 26 questions in the Lok Sabha out of which 24 are Assam centric and that he had even question the house regarding the culture of Sattra in Assam.

He also alleged that the central government has not given any importance to the Assam flood and claims that although Union Home Minister Amit Shah has visited the state, he did not take stock of the flood situation.

Khaleque further stated that the government could collect revenue through the system of preservation of flood.

While speaking about the Tripal Talaq Bill, Khaleque said that they have welcomed the verdict of the Supreme Court but they have some problem with some of the clauses.

Khaleque, later stated that Bhubaneswar Kalita joins BJP due to some personal problem adding that if the decomposed people remain in the party then the party will suffer. He also said that the people who only seek power are always attracted towards the ruling party.

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