NRC:Ex- CM Tarun Gogoi To File Petition in SC


Former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Tuesday said that lakhs of people who have been excluded from NRC are in uncertainty and that it is not necessary for them to go to Foreigners’ Tribunal.

Addressing a press conference here in Guwahati, Gogoi announced that he will file a petition to the Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi in the Supreme Court against NRC seeking to examine the NRC whether it is correct or not.

Gogoi said that all classes of people have to go for protest after the publication of the final NRC. He also said that the left out people don’t have to go to Foreigners’ Tribunals saying that the home ministry itself said that they are not foreigners. Then where is the necessity for them to go to foreigners’ tribunals.

Gogoi further raised the question that will the people who are responsible for the exclusion of genuine Indian citizens’ from the NRC will be punished or not. He said that the Assam Accord has given the citizenship to the refugees since 1971 saying that his words have always been misunderstood.

He further stated that the voter list of 2019 have been prepared based on the voter list of 1966 and this is also legacy.

Gogoi also reiterated that union Home Minister Amit Shah has raised his voice after the draft NRC was published but why is he silent now? He further said that the Minister of Foreign Affairs has said that the NRC is clean and error-free adding that he wants to ask how it can be a fair NRC when so many Indian citizens name have been excluded from it.

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