Oil India to use AI to Curb Pilferage

Oil India will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) due to the rising incidence of rampant oil thefts from its pipelines. Oil India is seeking AI solutions to stop the pilferage in Assam and beyond.

Oil India invited Expression of Interest on May 27 from companies that can supply and install sensors on well-heads to transmit real-time data to oil and gas collecting stations for detailed analysis using AI.

The last date for submission of bids is June 21.

In order to test out the real-time monitoring or digital oilfield technology, a pilot project will be introduced at the Hebeda oil field as well as in Makum and Hapjan fields, near to Oil headquarter at Duliajan.

According to an official of Oil India, monitoring from Hebeda is possible because it has a Gas Collecting Station (GCS) which would help the installation manager keep up real-time monitoring (with production). Once it is monitored any disruption can be spotted immediately.

The official further stated that oil theft is a huge problem in Upper Assam where gangs puncture pipelines in the middle of the night to siphon away oil. He further said that manual monitoring will help them to enable the best use of production data while making decisions for overall reservoir management and for exploration and production.

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