Pak Minister Gets ‘Electric Shock’ During speech


Pakistan’s Railway Minister Rashid Ahmed, who is known for his controversial speeches, has found himself in the news again. This time, for a rather ‘shocking’ video of him addressing the public in Islamabad on Friday, 30 August, during ‘Kashmir Hour’.

While speaking against India’s PM Narendra Modi, he received an electric shock due to a malfunctioning microphone. Pakistan on Friday observed ‘Kashmir Hour’ to express “solidarity” with the Kashmiri people after India revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir in its controversial move to effectively abrogate Article 370. In the video, Rashid could be heard saying, “Hum tumhari Modi niyaton se waqif hain (We are aware of your intentions, Narendra Modi)”. The moment Rashid utters the sentence, he gets an electric shock in his hand, forcing him to discontinue his speech momentarily.

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