Pakistan war propaganda targets Nagaland: Report


With news of Pakistan allegedly gearing up for war, it has also come to light that the country is using a propaganda to create an internal unrest in India.

According to a NDTV report, Pakistan officials have reached as far as Nagaland making all attempts to spark an internal chaos.

NDTV quoted a senior Ministry of Home Affairs saying, “Pakistan officials are busy shooting videos in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Men camouflaged in uniform of our security forces are seen in these videos doing atrocities on men and women”.

As per the report, these videos are being uploaded to spark a controversy by showing that Kashmiris are falling prey to Indian Security forces. Simultaneously, this propaganda group is trying to also provoke the Nagaland insurgent groups and activists to be vocal again about their demand of a separate state.Officials have also stated that such a war tactic is another reason internet connectivity is yet not completely restored in Kashmir, because once it is restored, Pakistan will try all it can to instigate the valley.

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