Person Gets Reinfected By COVID-19 Within a Month


In a development that can be a cause of concern, Bangalore today reported its first case of COVID-19 re-infection.

A 27-year-old woman reportedly contracted the virus today for the second time after gaining full recovery from her first infection that happened in July. She, despite her recovery, reportedly didn’t develop any immunity against the virus.

A NDTV report quoted Dr Pratik Patil, a Infectious Diseases Consultant at Fortis Hospital ( where the patient is admitted), as saying, “This is possibly the first reported case of Covid reinfection in Bangalore.”

“Normally, in case of infection, the Covid Immunoglobulin G antibody test comes positive after 2-3 weeks of infection (showing that the patient has developed Covid-fighting cells). However, in this patient, the antibody test has come out negative, which means she did not develop immunity after first infection. The other possibility is that the antibodies disappeared within a month, leaving her susceptible for reinfection,” he further said.

Shedding further light on the matter, he commented, “Reinfection cases mean that the antibodies may not be produced by every individual, or, if they do develop, they may not last long enough, therefore allowing the virus to enter the body and cause the disease again.”

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