Petrol and Diesel prices rise again

The price of petrol and diesel have reached sky high within a short span of time and it still continues to increase.

The petrol prices were raised by 15 paise  on Wednesday. The price of petrol per liter on Guwahati  reached  Rs 80.45.

Diesel was priced Rs 72.45 per litre. However the petrol prices in Mumbai remains the same despite the rise in the crude oil prices in the global  market . Petrol   prices in Mumbai  remained the same with Rs 85.60 on Wednesday.

The highest Petrol price record in Guwahati  is of  Rs 80.55 as on 01 Jun 2018.

Various organisations   activists also expressed their anguish at the uncontrolled price rise in petrol and diesel. It is for the tenth time that the price of petrol and diesel have been hiked in the month of August.


(Featured image:EnergyInfraPost)

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