PM Calls for Self-Imposed Curfew on Sunday


> No Cure Or Vaccine Yet

> This Is A Global Crisis

> Not Okay To Behave As If Everything’s Fine

> Wrong To Believe India Won’t Be Impacted

> Social Distancing Is Key

> Express gratefulness to those working for you

> Clap, ring bell or drum for 5 mts at 5 pm for essential service people as gratefulness

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a self-imposed ‘Janta’ curfew on Sunday, starting from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. He appealed that people not go out of their houses during the curfew. Sunday’s citizen curfew will go towards proving our self-restraint, help in future situations, Modi said.

What PM said :

130 crore Indians have faced the corona scare. Every Indian has tried to adopt precautionary measures. But in the past few days, it seems we have evaded the crisis. The thought that we are safe from the pandemic is not correct. We all Indians need to be satark.

Whenever I have asked something from you, you have never let me down. Today I am here to ask something from you. I want a few weeks from you. I want your time in the upcoming times. There’s no cure for corona globally. There are no vaccines available.  In countries where corona has had a massive impact, it seems the virus exploded after the initial days.

​India is tracking everything that is happening in the world. Some countries have detected and isolated their citizens to curb the spread. The role of their citizens was massive in those countries.

The growing challenge of the corona is not a simple thing. It is wrong to assume that there will be no impact on India. Need to follow 2 things: Resolve and  Restraint.

Please stay indoors over the next few weeks unless absolutely necessary, says PM Modi.

Appealing to the people to follow social distancing, PM Modi says caution must be practiced to ensure that all of us are safe from contracting the coronavirus infection. He calls for avoiding all non-essential outings.

PM Modi calls for a ‘Janata Curfew’, on this Sunday which he says would mean a curfew imposed by the people on themselves in order to prevent the spread of the disease. 

Help each other. Do not cut pay if someone can not attend the office. 

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