PM Modi Spreads False Propaganda: Sitaram Yechury


General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI) Sitaram Yechury on Friday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi spreads false propaganda regarding the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

Participating in a protest at Guwahati today, Yechury said that the Citizenship (Amendment) Act has violated the Constitution. “We will fight to safeguard the Constitution. The citizenship is not based on any religion. Why the government has included the non-Muslims of only three countries? Isn’t it the Hindus who have been exploited much in the country,” said Yechury.

He further stated that PM Modi has told more than ten lies in the speech in New Delhi.

Talking about the Assam Accord, Yechury said that they have full support to the Assam Accord and demanded that the CAA should be withdrawn from Assam and other Northeastern states where it has been implemented.

Yechury further stated that the non-Muslims who have been left out of the NRC will be provided citizenship through C (A) A and will evade the Muslims of the country.  

He also reiterated that C (A) A is completely a communal act. The chief ministers of 13 states have clearly said that they will not accept the act and also urged the chief ministers of other states to oppose the act.

Speaking about the economy of the country, Yechury said that during the Modi-led government, the economy of the country has come down. There is no job for the youths and those who have are not secured.

He later announced that there will be a countrywide protest by the labourers on January 8.

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