Pan India NRC dumped, Assam BJP scratching head


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday indicated that the much-trumpeted pan India NRC was dumped sending the Assam BJP into a tailspin.

In a twist of events, which will put Assam BJP into a very major embarrassment and eat its own words, the Prime Minister simply said there were no words of NRC stunning the entire nation as only recently in the Parliament Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced it.

This new announcement had left BJP Assam nowhere to hide as it had ‘ rejected’ earlier NRC in Assam claiming that it had ‘regularised’ millions of Bangladeshi. Even Assam Government had not technically accepted the NRC 2019.

In his speech from the Ram Lila Ground, he announced on Sunday, “There has been no discussion on NRC anywhere I want to tell the 130 crore people of India that ever since my government came to power in 2014… from then until now… there has been no discussion on NRC anywhere… we only had to implement it in Assam to follow Supreme Court directives”

For rest of the country, this is good news for those against NRC but in Assam, it meant that NRC’s fate now hangs in the next hearing at the Supreme Court on January 6.

Almost all the stakeholders of Assam have approached the court seeking either re-verification or remedial measures. The State Government was in the mood of dumping the 2019 NRC but now it had to wait for the judgement of the SC since new NRC itself was spiked.

Prime Minister aggressive speech in a public function directly countered a Parliamentary speech of the Home Minister.

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