Potholes, Non-working signal lights… should have penalty!

By Amlan Jyoti Saikia

Starting from September 1, 2019, the penalties for traffic violations have witnessed a massive hike across a number of offences. Certain offences can also send you to jail, in addition to paying the stipulated fine.

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill was passed in the Parliament on July 23, this year, approving the new penalties that increase up to ten times, depending on the violation but what about Responsibility of Government?

  • Potholes on roads: No one responsible
  • Non-working signal lights: No one responsible
  • Dug road no repairs: No one responsible
  • Political Flex banners on road: No one responsible
  • Encroached footpath: No one Responsible
  • Overflowing Garbage bins on road: No one responsible
  • No proper street lights: No one responsible

It seems that the public is the only culprit and liable to be fined. The administration and government is no way responsible. No rules and regulations implied on them. They are never responsible for any problems. They are not to be blamed.

Let the government pass a law to control and improve admin activities. All culprits should be penalised like they Penalise the Citizens.

India needs better roads, working signals, proper lines drawn on roads. Traffic police should be more active to maintain traffic flow rather than standing aside to catch defaulters only.

While driver errors such as speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving are among the leading causes of accidents in the state, dangerous road conditions are also a significant contributor.

Various government agencies are responsible for maintaining roads and ensuring they are safe for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, including providing proper signage, lighting, pavement markings, signals and traffic control devices. The government has a duty to design, build and maintain safe roads.

If an accident occurs because of a hazardous road condition, the government agency responsible for maintaining the road may be liable.

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