Protests to halt Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Project


The crack and breaking of the guard wall of the cofferdam have washed away lands at Gerukamukh that houses the Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Project (SLHEP).

This has raised protests and concerns among different pressure groups including the local people of different offices. Regional student groups of Gerukamukh and AASU have protested in order to ensure the safety of life and property and to stop the ongoing activities at the dam immediately. The protests will be indefinite until the Central and State government and National Hydroelectric Power Corporation do not halt the activities of the project.

The dam is located 2.3 km upstream of Gerukamukh village in Dhemaji District and Lower Subansiri District on the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The locals and the pressure groups are concerned that in case the dam collapses in the future districts of Lakhimpur, Dhemaji, Majuli, Sonitpur will be affected severely due to heavy floods.

The recent heavy rainfalls have led to landslides and this is drawing provoking strong responses from the people. The entire project is also causing massive soil erosion. Meanwhile, excavation and mining as part of the project continue.

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