“Rajiv Bhawan To Be Ajmal Bhawan, To Serve Another Meat” – HBS


Rajiv Bhawan will become Ajmal Bhawan. Once it becomes Ajmal Bhawan, it will serve another kind of meat apart from chicken and mutton during feasts.

This provocative remark was passed by Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma today.

Reacting to former CM Tarun Gogoi’s remarks about being stabbed from behind, Sarma said that the support of 73 MLAs that he had didn’t make it an attack from behind. It was rather an attack from the front, he suggested.

The Minister also said that he is super as well as semi-super, and that the results of the upcoming elections will turn out as predicted by him.

With remarks directed at General Secretary of AASU, Lurin Jyoti Gogoi, the Minister said that a few people have sullied the image of the AASU by changing the organization meant to safeguard the Assamese community into a political party.      

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