Rajnath reaches out, BJP diverts public attention via Xatra


As Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh reaches out to AASU to diffuse Assam situation, the BJP Assam has been trying to diver the anti Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) narrative to Xatra encroachment and have been successful to some extent.

The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh last night called up Dr Samujjal Bhattacharrya in a bid to cool down the boiling temperature in Assam. On the other hand the BJP has used the television channels to change the pubic narrative to Xatra encroachment.

In this process the BJP has been successful, as a section of Assamese TV media has swallowed the narrative, while the Print media has shown maturity and kept the focus on the CAB.

Meanwhile as the Assam Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma upped the ante against the CAB and the Assam Accord but the Congress questioned his own locus standi.

“What was his stand towards the Assam Accords during the nine year of the Assam Accord Ministryship during the Congress regime. Why he remained minister and did not resign from that post if he had opposed the Assam Accord in that way” alleged the Congress spokesperson Pradyut Bardoloi.

Meanwhile preparations are on for a mega protest on January 23 from Lataseel field where the AASU and Zubeen Garg will lead the protest.


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