Ranjeet Dass blames Congress over AASU and BJP clash


Assam BJP president Ranjeet Dass on Tuesday blamed Congress workers for the heated situation between BJP and AASU in Nalbari on Sunday. Addressing the media, the BJP president said that the Congress workers were involved in the Nalbari incident.

He also displayed a photograph in support of his statements.

“Congress wants to ruin the reputation of AASU and it was their conspiracy,” said Dass adding, “Congress wants to create a rift between BJP and AASU.” Dass blamed that Ghograpar leader Abdul Ali was involved in attacking the BJP workers during the rally.

“AASU will never protest with sticks, so it was the Congress workers, who came with sticks and stones,” said Dass. He also urged AASU to demand strict action against those, who were involved in the unfortunate incident.

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