Rape charge against Rajen Gohain, withdrawn

The rape charges against Union Minister of State for Railway Rajen Gohain have taken an interesting turn as the FIR against him was withdrawn by the women following a counter FIR filed my Mr Gohain’ son.
Nagaon Superintend of Police Shankar Rai Medhi informed that the case was withdrawn before investigation could start.
It is suspected that the Case was slappd on the Minister in a bid to blackmail him as Mr. Gohain’s son had filed a counter FIR on the lady.
The lady is a wife of a BJP youth morcha local leader and alleged conversion between Mr. Gohain and the husband went viral yesterday.
“In the middle of the investigation, the woman sent us a letter saying that she does not want to go ahead with the case but we are taking all actions as per law,” he said.
Gohain’s son has also filed a complaint against the woman accusing her husband of blackmailing him and his father. “Also, on August 2 another case was registered on the complaint of Nabarun Gohain, son of Rajen Gohain.
He accused the woman’s husband of blackmailing him and his father. In this case, we are proceeding as per the law,” the SP added. According to media reports, Gohain allegedly lured the woman under the pretext of a job offer in the Railways. Gohain is a veteran BJP leader and a five time MP, who has been representing the Nagaon Lok Sabha constituency in Assam since 1999.

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