Remembering Jayanta Hazarika On 77th Birth Anniversary


Assam fondly remembers renowned musical icon Jayanta Hazarika on his 77th birth anniversary on Sunday.

Hazarika popularly known as ‘Rana Da’, was the younger brother of legendary Indian musician Bhupen Hazarika.

Hazarika started his career by accompanying and collaborating with Bhupen Hazarika.

Although, Rana Da passed away at an early age of 34, he was much credited for introducing a new wave of music in Assam by blending western music genres such as Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll and Western Classical with Assamese melodies.

He played over six musical instruments and collected traditional instruments globally.

Jayanta recorded two songs with HMV ‘Aagoli botahe kopale kolore paat’ and ‘Krishnachura Krishnachura’ that kick started his career following which in 1963 he did his first playback singing with the song ‘sonar baran pakhire tor’ for the movie ‘Maniram Dewan’.

In 1977, Hazarika also formed an institution named Xur Bahini to help the flood-victims of Assam. The group sang in the streets and collected donations.

Hazarika is survived by his wife and son Manisha Hazarika and Mayukh Hazarika.

Assam Government paid its tribute to the singer.
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