RTI reveals cost of printing notes


Have you ever wondered how much money does the government spend on printing different notes?

An RTI had filed by India Today and asked Bhartiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran (P) Limited about the cost of printing Indian notes.

As per RTI, Government of India spends Rs 4.18 on each Rs 2,000 note. It spends Rs 2.57 on every Rs 500 note, Rs 1.51 for every Rs 100 note and Rs 1.01 for every Rs 10 note. The Rs 20 note is, in fact, cheaper by a paisa than the Rs 10 note.

Comparatively, the cost of printing the old Rs 500 note was Rs 3.09 which works out to be more expensive by 52 paisa than its current counterpart. The cost of printing the old Rs 1,000 note was Rs 3.54 which means that it was cheaper by 64 paisa than the current Rs 2,000 note.

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