Samujjal propped up as opposition rallying point

AASU leader against joining politics

Dr Samujjal Kr. Bhattacharrya, the AASU adviser, is fast emerging as a rallying point for opposition unity to take on the BJP in Assam but the man himself is not interested to plunge into politics.

As the fast realization has dawned that anti-BJP forces are hopelessly positioned to take on the juggernaut of the BJP in Assam despite the strong anti CAB forces, there is an attempt to pop up Dr Samujjal Kr Bhattacharrya as a consensus rallying point.

As the chorus for his leadership has started to unroll from all quarters of the opposition, the man in question has maintained his traditional position of staying away from the political circle.

“You know my declared position. I shall stay away from the political arc” said Dr Bhattacharya emphatically, even as senior politician Kirip Chaliha yesterday addressed a press conference urging Dr Bhattacharya to lead.

A rainbow opposition led by Dr Bhattacharya and Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma against the BJP is the most likely consensus fast emerging in Assam, but no one is able to convince Dr Bhattacharya and hence public pressure is being mounted through political statements, press conference and TV appeals.

The Conrad Sangma led National Political Party (NPP) is taking its wings in Assam with some anti CAB leaders who are no longer in any party like Israel Nanda, Holiram Terang, Dilip Bora and Manjit Mahanta.

However, the BJP is witnessing the scene with much glee as there is no common opposition to take them on and hence they are confident for a sweep in the Lok Sabha.

Congress has started the candidate selection process and while Badaruddin Ajmal sent music to BJP’s ears by announcing that seven Lok Sabha constituencies would be contested by AIUDF.

The BJP is ensuring that anti CAB front is divided and hence they are very happy to see AGP, AIUDF, NPP, KMSS and now Pravajan Virodhi Manch of Upamanyu Hazarika entering the Lok Sabha bandwagon.

The presence of so many opposition entities is bound to help the BJP unless Dr Bhattacharya changes his proclaimed decision and take a lead against the BJP so that all smaller entities could stand behind him.

The BJP is however confident. “We will go solo in the Lok Sabha and we are supremely confident of sweeping the poll” said the BJP state president Ranjeet Dass.

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