“Separate flag & constitution”; Challenge for Naga Peace Talk


Amidst differences between the different political and non-political groups, insurgent groups of Nagaland, peace interlocutor appointed by the centre and Nagaland governor RN Ravi is trying to make a solution of Naga peace process within the centre’s three months deadline.

Unfortunately at this auspicious juncture, the NSCN (I-M) has adopted a procrastinating attitude to delay the settlement raising the contentious symbolic issues of separate Naga national flag and constitution on which they are fully aware of the Government of India’s position. They have mischievously dragged in the Framework Agreement and began imputing imaginary contents to it: a press release said.

On Friday, the Nagaland governor and peace interlocutor RN Ravi met the representatives of 14 tribal bodies, two church bodies of Nagaland in Kohima and took their views over the final settlement of Naga peace process.

Respecting the Naga people’s wishes, the Government of India is determined to conclude the Peace Process without delay. Endless negotiation under the shadow of guns is not acceptable. The Government of India expects all negotiating parties to heed the will of the people, and facilitate the conclusion of the Naga Peace Process within the stipulated time: said in the release.

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