Rumours of arrested men from Assam for alleged cannibalism goes viral


In a horrific incident, Manipur Police has arrested two men hailing from Assam, after they had confessed of cannibalising children in the Senapati district of the state.

Reportedly, the villagers in Saikul had detected the accused after the entire area went on a high alert following the disappearance of some children over the last few days.

Late on Tuesday, the villagers first thrashed the two men and later handed them over to the police. This is the first instance of outsiders allegedly abducting and eating up children in Manipur.

As per reports, preliminary inquiries have revealed that they had so far abducted six children, and later murdered them, according to the police. They confessed having eaten up the dead bodies, said an officer.

Police sources said there were six armed members in the gang hailing from Assam. They had rendered services as hired assassins as well. However, four of them have escaped.

The police have approached language experts to assist in the interrogation.

The two accused had been badly injured and were in hospital.

All police stations in the state have been alerted to be on watch for the four fugitives.

However, in a recent development, The Northeast Today TNT  reported that IPS Hemant Pandey has refuted the social media claims and said that two people had been beaten up by the people on assumptions of being child lifters.

“The people are under police protection now and since they seem to be mentally challenged and understand only sign language, it is difficult to communicate with them. But the investigation is on” said reports quoting the IPS.

Reportedly, he has totally dismissed the claims of cannibalism in this entire incident and said that this is nothing but fake news.




(With inputs from IANS)

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