Sky-Rocketing Vegetable Prices Hit Consumers


Vegetable prices that soared with the onset of summer have shot through the roof in the last few days in Assam. The reason behind soaring prices in vegetables is said to be continuous rainfall and shortage of production in the state.

The vegetable prices are not less than Rs. 40 per kg which becomes difficult for the people to buy. “Excessive rain in the last few days and flash floods are the reason that there are less production of vegetables for which the prices have gone up,” said one of the traders in Dalgaon in Mangaldoi.

The trader also said that it is expected to rise the price further if the weather remains the same.

Other than the weather, another reason of sky-rocketing price in the vegetables is that the traders have to pay a goonda tax to the police while they bring the vegetables from other parts of the state to Guwahati.

A trader said that the police and middleman take money from them to pass the vehicles carrying vegetables for sale in the market. “We have to pay huge amount of money to police and middleman as we don’t have any other option left. They forced us to pay the money and if we don’t do so then they don’t allow the vehicles to pass as a result of which the vegetables gets rotten and we have to incur the loss,” the trader said.

Moreover, the vegetables that come from Meghalaya to Guwahati has not been able to come as the vehicles carrying vegetables have been halted as the traders have not paid the Goonda tax.

The vegetables mainly come from Dalgaon, Kharupetia in Mangoldoi and Meghalaya to Guwahati. The vegetables which sold at Rs. 15 at wholesale price are being sold at Rs. 40 at retail price while the vegetables which sold at Rs. 25 in wholesale rate are sold at Rs. 50 at retail price. The vegetables which sold at Rs. 50 at wholesale rate are sold at Rs. 100-120 at retail price.

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