Soaring mutton prices in the city


Mutton Prices has been hiked in several places across the city over the past few weeks, burning a hole in the common man’s pocket.


The price of mutton, Rs 500 per kg at present, goes up in some places to Rs 550-600.

Mutton lovers have to dig deeper in their pockets to get mutton as city’s dishonest slaughters are selling mutton at Rs 550 to 600 per kg.

Mutton Customers claimed that “No action was being taken against them despite repeated complaints”

Meanwhile, Greater Guwahati Qureshi Meat Association has urged the customers to buy mutton at Rs 500 (per Kg). Association clearly said that – “It is illegal. All the customers should aware of it. They shouldn’t pay for more than Rs 500 (Per Kg).”

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