The Life of Assam Police


By Amlan Jyoti Saikia

They work day and night so that we may sleep peacefully in our homes, but when it comes to their own comfort, the police, at least in Assam, are at the receiving end.

The quarters, built many years ago, have been completely damaged due to poor maintenance. We do not know how they have tolerated living in such a deplorable condition.

These men and women leave their homes, families, friends and good living conditions in hopes of prosperity and to serve their country.

The government provides onsite barracks, but the barracks are an utter disgrace to the community. The buildings are in poor structural condition, lack proper interior fixtures and are falling apart due to weathering and lack of repairs.

The roofs leaks when it rains, there is no insulation and the shared bathrooms are fetid and unsanitary. This condition is worse during the rainy season. Adding to this, the rainwater enters the rooms. The doors of the houses are completely broken. People still live here as they are helpless.

Picture can speak thousands of words

Difference between Police constables and officers

Police personnel should be provided with good facilities to live in. Why the Govt. not allotting sufficient funds to get repair the Police quarters? Otherwise, let the Govt. take action to demolish the old quarters and construct new quarters like flats for their better living.

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