Mahika Sharma Lends Helping Hand To Flood-Hit Assam

Declare Assam Floods as National Problem: Mahika

Lending a helping hand for the flood victims in Assam, Model- actress Mahika Sharma has donated Rs 5,000 to over 45 families and Rs 10,000 to 20 families across the state.

Witnessing the worsened flood situation in Assam, Mahika also urged central BJP-led government to declare Assam floods as National problem.

“Assam people timely pay tax to the government so they can get a good living. Flood and Assam has got a very close relationship. When kids celebrate summer vocations in other states, kids here fight for survival. It’s very sad and emotional situation here. Party leaders and celebrities visit Assam during election for vote but none come to visit the place when they are in pain. I feel all of them should spend a day with them in such situation with no proper food, and then they will realise their pain. Assam flood should be declared national issue,” Mahika Sharma said in her statement.

Earlier in 2017, Sharma expressed her dissatisfaction over popular Bollywood-Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra. She claimed that Priyanka being Assam tourism brand ambassador is showing no interest towards Assam floods. Priyanka was appointed as Assam’s tourism brand ambassador in 2016 and is currently staying out of the country because of her hectic international schedules.

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