Two years after being lynched, chargesheet filed against Pehlu Khan


Pehlu Khan had been lynched to death in April 2017 by cow vigilantes and now after two years a chargesheet has been filed against him and his sons for allegedly transporting cattle without permission in Rajasthan.

According to reports, two FIRs were filed in the case. One being against the eight people who allegedly lynched the dairy farmer, and the other being against Khan and his sons for transporting cattle allegedly without the district collector’s permission.

Notably, the latest chargesheet has been filed by the Rajasthan government in the second FIR, which states that the case against Pehlu Khan will be closed due to his death but will continue against his sons.

As per reports, the chargesheet has accused Pehlu Khan of wrongdoing under multiple sections of Rajasthan law, which seeks to protect cattle slaughter and smuggling.

Meanwhile, all the eight accused are out on bail and two out of eight are absconding.

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