Typhoon Mangkhut moves towards China

On  Sunday morning, the category 5 “super” typhoon Mangkhut  that hit Philippines killing more than 25 people hurtled towards China’s heavily populated southern coast with winds of 177km/h. The officials raised the storm alert to  highest level  of T10 in Hong Kong, where the huge storm is expected to skirt just 100km south of the city. Businesses have been boarded up and most flights cancelled. It is the 15th time in the last 60 years that a T10 has been hoisted.

Earlier, typhoon Mangkhut killed at least 30 people in the Philippines as it smashed homes and left behind torrents of floodwater, and is now on course to plough into China’s coast. Among the dead are a baby and a toddler

Most of the deaths were caused by landslides in Philippines in the Cordillera and Nueva Vizcaya regions, officials say. More than 105,000 people fled their homes in the largely rural region.

Last year an average of 20 typhoons and storms lashed Philippines killing hundreds of people and leaving millions in near-perpetual poverty.

In 2013 November Typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines  that killed more than 7350 people.


(Featured image: Sky News)


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