Uber Eats rolls out in Guwahati


Uber Eats, the food delivery app by Uber has announced that it has launched its services in Guwahati starting on Friday.

The app partners with popular local restaurants to deliver the food that their customers want to their doorstep in the minimum required amount of time.

The company’s official Twitter handle of Uber Eats India has tweeted, “Guwahati, Uber Eats aahi paale hi”, meaning, the App has has rolled out in Guwahati.

Source: Twitter

The company sources have claimed that they are conducting training sessions for partners to guide them on how to handle food and how to use the app. Altogether, 150 of the city’s most loved restaurants will join the system in its first phase.

Uber Eats is giving out a flat 50 per cent discount on a minimum order value of Rs 100. Also, the service will charge Rs 10 as delivery fee in the city.

The App is available for both Android and iOS users.


Featured Image: Uber Eats

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