Udalguri man sets example in farming, aims Mercedes


Dreams often fade away with time, but this a farmer from Assam’s Udalguri has shown us otherwise. Abinash Daimary, a rebel turned farmer, today is passionately engaged in farming and providing employment opportunities to many.

Abinash Daimary of Amjuli in Udalguri district of Assam does not look back to those days when he rebelled against societal rules and the law and now dreams of owning a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG worth 68 lakh.

The man, who claimed to have once run ganja, smuggled timber and rigged elections is today passionately engaged in extracting juice from fruits – not your common ones but the indigenous and exotic fruits – the leteku, pomello, kordoi et al.

Daimari is presently the president Udalguri Farmers Society. The society that started back in 2015 with 89 members now have over 800.

The society has planted over 68000 banana plants at an area of 90 bigha’s. Apart from Banana Plantation, the society also cultivates rice, owns fisheries.

Daimari also bagged the best innovative skill and concept award at the Agri-Horticultural show organized by Assam Agricultural University and State Agriculture department. Daimary had given his project proposal which had been prepared by the Assam Agricultural University to Ansumai Boro, Agriculture Executive Member of BTC who helped get it sanctioned.

Daimary cultivates a range of crops from paddy to sweet corn, banana to watermelon and seasonal vegetables. He also owns a tea garden of 160 bighas which is run by his father and brother.

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