ULFA’s kidnapping spree bemused analyst


The ULFA’s  a kidnapping spree in the last 72 hours have bemused security and political analysts and both are confirmed that ULFA is once again in a hurry to be in hara-kiri(self destruction) by targeting the soft targets which will completely wipe out the growing public support.

The Citizenship Amendment bill and arrogance of BJP and overt Hidutva have  blown the wind in favour of the ULFA for some time in some parts of upper Assam, but Assam left bemused as the ULFA began its activities  by kidnapping  fringe and defece less elements.

“What revolutionary achievement is going to be made by abducting a small time manager of a brick factory. The ULFA is out of their mind and in  a single stroke reconfirmed that despite years of setback, they have learnt nothing” said Prakash Hazarika, an educationist of Nagaon. His sentiment was echoed by majority of the people this correspondent had met.

“The ULFA has not learnt anything and still in a world which no longer exist in Assam. They are kidnapping tea estate manger, small time traders and brick klin managers. This is laughable. This only signified the myopic visions of its leader Paresh Barua and whatever man power it has” said Partha Saikia, a businessmen and some sort of ULFA sympathizer.

Majority admit that there was a favourable wind of support towards the ULFA and that was triggered by the BJP’s arrogance and feeling of impotency by a section of Assamese. “But Paresh Barua lives in utopian world and he had smashed all the hopes with these three kidnappings and made it abundantly clear that ULFA can not act beyond the cottage industry of kidnapping and extorting money form the small time businessmen working in the remote areas” said Jogen Nazarika,  a student activist of Tinsukia.

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